Pass the Journal

We think this is a great idea!  

Strathmore is sending artists from around the globe on a mission to fill the pages of our art journals! We have sent 12 of our 500 Series Mixed Media Hardbound Art Journals to different artists to kick off Pass the Journal. Each artist who receives a book is to fill a page with their artwork, upload their artwork and artist profile to this site, and pass it on to another artist to continue the cycle.

Each of the 12 journals that have been sent out have been named after something related to Strathmore, and can be tracked on the virtual tracking map. Follow each book's journey to see where it ends up, and view the collection of unique artwork that is created inside. No two journals will be alike!

When a journal has been filled, it will be archived with either Strathmore, The Trout Museum of Art or the Paine Art Center depending on the journal.

Learn more about all the artists who have filled in pages in the journals. See their profile pages and the artwork they've created.   

We encourage you to start your own Pass the Journal project among your friends, family or community. You'll be left with a priceless, one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Have a look at all of the journals.

Merle Duffus
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