Think Local First


If you love supporting local, independent businesses then you are going to love this new reward program. It is a collaborative program that Island Blue Art & Framing and several other local businesses (the list is growing fast) have joined to help foster the idea that keeping your shopping dollars local is a great thing to do. And it’s FREE! All you have to do is register yourself at with either one of the reward cards (available here at Island Blue Art & Framing)  or your cell phone # and start shopping at the local businesses that are part of the rewards program.

Every time you buy something at one of these businesses you earn 5 merit points (only one shopping visit per day) plus a bonus 15 merit points for the first time you shop there. As your merit points add up you can trade your points for a reward from one of the participating businesses. How do I know which businesses are participating? Login to, choose your region (Victoria) from the tool bar, go to categories and scroll through to see those businesses that are participating. How do I trade for a reward? Choose one of the participating businesses and you will see the rewards they are offering. If one appeals to you click on it and follow the instructions. Next time you visit that business you can pick up your reward. How cool is that!

Thank you for participating in this exciting program and a really big THANK YOU for keeping it local!

Brad Speirs
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