“We use the ONE4ALL™ Molotow Markers because it´s the only tools we can use for our art! The red one cover more than any other brand´s marker. Very special and perfect are the Neon colors which we use a lot as you can see. Only the Molotow ONE4ALL™ paint has that much and strong pigments. Under the Blacklight the difference is so good to see and recognizable. The tiny ONE4ALL™ E-F tips are very precise and we can do a perfect and regular job. We make Bodypainting under Blacklight , every Saturday and the rest of the time , we use marker too. The fact, that the ONE4ALL™ markers are refillable, is very great. We also have used Fluor acrylic paint from other brands as well, with brush. But it’s not that easy as it is with a ONE4ALL™ Marker : the brush, the Dry time of the paint, paint crack… With the ONE4ALL™ Marker it’s cleaner , faster and easier.
Artists: Moksa and Xan of the Madapaint Crew
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