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SKU: AWM332412
Aqua Wash Oil - Use Aqua Wash Oil as a colorless fluid medium. It is also the grinding oil of the Aqua Wash range. Use it to dilute colors considered to be too thick when inking or wiping, while still preserving the ink quality. 75 ml bottle.

Soft Black Wiping Medium - Mix Soft Black Wiping Medium to those blacks in the Aqua Wash Etching Inks range that are considered to be too thick and difficult to wipe. This medium allows control of saturation and density. 60ml tube

Thick Transparent White Lake - Mix Charbonnel Thick Transparent White Lake with any color in the Aqua Wash Etching Inks range to increase transparency while retaining texture. It can also be used to increase the viscosity of a color considered to be too fluid when wiping, in order to add texture and "stickiness," and to help the color adhere to the engraving. 60ml tube
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