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SKU: RGS1001
Dorland's Wax Medium is a select artist's painting medium compounded from a scientifically balanced formula. This formula was painstakingly evolved from an intensive review of painting techniques. Dorland's Wax Medium is especially intended for artists who desire to insure the greatest possible longevity and permanence fo their creations while at the same time preserving quality of tone and quality of conception. It contains pure fossil earth reinforced with additive waxes, resins, and oils. This translucent, colorless and permanent medium has the plasticity of tube oil colors. It mixes instantly with oil colors, powdered pigments, powdered metals, colored sands, dyes, plastic colors, and other compatible fine art materials. The tremendous "locking up" and isolating powers allows the artist to exploit a great variety of coloring agents with complete freedom of style, technique, and control.
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