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SKU: BS9902
Liquitex® professional palette knives & painting tools are a perfect match for any artistic application, encompassing innovative and unique large sizes and shapes. These high quality knives have been crafted with the finest stainless blades that resist all wear and corrosion from any media, including acrylics. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle adds increased comfort and grip to every application.
The strong stiff Scraper Blades are resilient, perfect for scraping, scumbling, scratching, mixing or spreading most all materials. The high cranked handles protect hands and knuckles from contacting the painted surface. These painting knives offer the freedom to explore both additive and subtractive painting in addition to various sculpting techniques.
The flexible and blunt rounded-edged extra-long Spatula Blades are resilient, perfect for mixing and spreading paint, plaster, and various other media. These high quality tools are capable of transporting large amounts of material efficiently to build rich impasto surfaces.
Flexible and stiff squared or rounded-edged Trowel Blades are resilient, perfect for mixing and spreading paint, texture gels, and other media. These high quality tools freely transport and control large amounts of paint and can be used to shape, stroke, build up or scrape away the surface.
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