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SKU: N19091
Noodler's "bulletproof" inks use special cellulose-reactive dyes that make them exceptionally permanent yet still gentle on pens. They are highly resistant to water, bleach, and other solvents, as well as UV radiation and most other tools used by forgers and check washers. All bulletproof inks are also "eternal," meaning that they are fade-resistant and archival. Other permanent fountain pen inks use either pigments or iron gall, both of which can harm pens if allowed to dry out inside them. Bulletproof inks don't have that risk.
Because they're cellulose-reactive, bulletproof inks work best on normal copy paper, whose moderately textured surface offers plenty of fibers to absorb the ink. Smoother papers like Rhodia and Clairefontaine aren't as absorbent, so bulletproof inks don't work as well on them. They dry slowly and are susceptible to water and smudging since they don't get fully absorbed and bonded to the paper. We stock a small selection of the colours available - non stocked colours can be special ordered. 3oz glass bottle.
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