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SKU: TE293452
This handy Pocket Colour Wheel will help you see the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colours, and understand such terms as hue, tint, intensity and value. One side shows at a glance the effect of adding colours, while the other side shows shades, tones and tints of colours and colour harmonies. Best of all, the compact five inch size makes it convenient to carry and store. A handy pocket-sized reference which defines and illustrates colour harmonies. The sturdy laminated card is printed in full colour and folds out to show primary colours, intermediates, warm and cool colours, tints, complementaries and more. The flip side is not laminated so you may create your own personal palette with notations to carry wherever you go. The Pocket Guide is meant to be used with the Pocket Colour Wheel but can be referred to alone.
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