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SKU: PCF35000101
POSCA, the famous poster markers that can write on all types of surfaces, now comes in a brush form! The brush pens write in bright, opaque colors that are perfect for writing on paper or three-dimensional surfaces. After drying, the ink becomes water resistant and so is perfect for crafts that include plastic, glass, metal and more.
Each brush pen is intelligently designed with an ink dispensing knock system. Just press the button located at the top of the brush pen to dispense more ink. It's like dipping your brush into more paint, except all you have to do is push a button. That means that even if you leave the brush pen uncapped and it dries up, you can just moisten the tip and dispense more ink by pressing the button located at the top of the pen a few times.

10 vibrant colors are available including: white, pink, red, yellow, black, gold, silver, blue, green, and sky blue.
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