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SKU: RA62493
QuickCure Clay, a pliable clay formula that cures in minutes with just the use of a heat tool, there’s no need for a kiln or oven. Colorize clay with paints and mediums such as Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks, Ranger Embossing Powders, Archival Inks, Vintaj® Patinas, Perfect Pearls, and more. The finished product is very strong and durable, great for making sculptures, jewelry, and other mixed media projects. Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bags.

QuickCure Clay is 5X stronger than other polymer clays on the market and will support 6,000 lbs per square inch. Also stronger than air-dried clay
Comparable strength to epoxy clay. When cured, QCC is compatible with tin-cured and RTV silicones.
No mixing required and clay does not harden when left out uncured. Slight expansion allows it to be cured firmly in bezels and is water resistant.
Adheres to wood, paper and many plastics. Bonds to already cured clay allowing objects to be prepared in steps.
Applying embossing powders right after cooling will create a glaze-like effect
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